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Prebiotics and Skin Care


Probiotics vs Prebiotics

Both probiotics and prebiotics are all about restoring balance and both have extremely positive effects on your microbiome. Probiotics contain live microbes like bacteria and yeast. These microbes can create a well-balanced ecosystem in the body. Certain foods (like yogurt) are naturally rich in probiotics, and when ingested, add healthy bacteria to your own flora that naturally flourish in your gut. Prebiotics are substances that feed good bacteria and help them to colonize, making even more good bacteria. Think of fertilizer for the bacteria, making your microbiome strong and healthy. Fermented foods are all extremely rich in prebiotics.

Fermentation and Prebiotics

Fermentation is a process that preserves foods through the production of good bacteria. In the traditional fermentation process, bacteria or yeast is introduced to break sugars down into simpler molecules such as alcohols and acids. This increases the nutritional value by releasing thousands of beneficial micro nutrients such as vitamins B and E, plant polyphenols, oligosaccharides, amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids. Traditionally fermented substances, such as our Tropical Fruit Ferments, are prebiotic and are therefore extremely beneficial to our microbiome. When it comes to skincare, the micro nutrients from fermented substances can be more rapidly absorbed into the skin. They are more potent and are more bio-available.

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So which is better in skin care?

Probiotics or Prebiotics? Probiotics are delicate, heat can kill them, rendering them ineffective. Additionally, we don’t know which “good” bacteria our unique bodies would benefit from, since each person’s microbiome is unique. Lastly, and most important, real probiotics in skin care are simply not possible. All skin care formulas undergo strict anti-microbial testing to avoid any living bacteria. So in fact, probiotic skin care does not really exist. On the other hand, prebiotic ingredients can exist in skin care formulas if their structure is made of small enough molecules. And these actives continue to work in the skin to provide all the benefits to strengthen your microbiome. Elixseri serums are all highly concentrated in prebiotics, derived from a traditional fermentation process of tropical fruits that are known for their skin healing and anti-oxidant powers. Their micro-nutrients perform a vital role not only in enhancing your skin’s natural microbiome, but in helping to reprogram the skin cells to perform the functions of protection and regeneration.

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Prebiotics and Skin Care