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We have designed our serums to reprogram your skin to optimise its own natural functions. To perform this enormous task, they need to work deep down and over time. Fortunately, with your needs in mind, we also added instant actions to solve your immediate skin concerns with visible results. Our goal is that ELIXSERI Serums soon become true essentials in your skin care ritual.

Offering profound skin de-aging from within, ELIXSERI Serums are:

  • Fast-Penetrating - Made up of lower molecular weight ingredients, in a water based (rather than oil based) formula.
  • Micro-Biotic - They optimise the skin’s natural microbiome, are skin compatible (bio-identical), better accepted (bio-available), and they perform a true therapeutic effect (bio-active).
  • Intelligent - Formulated to target specific concerns, because when you stop multi-tasking and focus on your needs, the results will be better.
  • Focused & Easy - Our serums are targeted and flexible and can easily slot into your existing skincare routine to boost the benefits of your current products.
  • High-Tech - All Elixseri serums are formulated with our exclusive BRGT™, to turbo charge the skin’s innate functions of protection, repair and regeneration.

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