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Ingredient Clarity

Elixseri leads the way with Potent, Natural AND Clean serums. To do this, we start every formula with a goal, and very soon we ask:

  • Is this ingredient really necessary?
  • Is this ingredient potentially harmful, to us or to our planet?

If an ingredient fails these questions, it does not go into the formula. No compromise. As a general rule, the below checklist keeps us honest:

  • We only use ingredients that act in synergy with each other and with the skin.
  • We do not use ingredients that will alter your skin’s microbiome.
  • We strive to replace all chemical preservatives with natural ones.
  • We do not use ingredients that will mix harmfully with other ingredients or diminish the action of any other ingredients.
  • We do not use high levels of large anti-oxidants that can sometimes cause sensitivity.
  • We do not use unnatural sugars that will lead to skin glycation.
  • We do not use GMO ingredients

To understand our serums better see Microbiotic Formulas. And for a complete list of what ingredients are not present in Elixseri Serums, visit our "Ingredients we don't use" page.

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Ingredient Clarity