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Skin Food

Throughout nature, there exists a balance where things can thrive and grow in a healthy, sustainable eco-system. We believe that the skin is a similar eco-system and our serums are based on nature’s principles. We do not refer to our serums as “anti-aging” and instead prefer to label them as “skin food”. Their goal is to provide the skin with a multitude of healthy supplements that will restore energy levels and balance, along with a glowing complexion. Once this occurs, visible results are not far behind.

Over a period of 28-days, which is equivalent to the skin’s natural cellular renewal cycle, our BRGT™ along with carefully selected natural ingredients work in synergy deep within the skin to jump start natural processes and functions. A true re-genesis takes place.

  • Tighter pores, a refined skin surface and a brighter skin appearance.
  • Plumper skin with less fine lines.
  • Decreased dehydration and smoother skin with less wrinkles.
  • Firmer, more contoured skin.
  • Less breakouts and less irritation.
  • Decreased skin inflammation and less redness.
  • Reduced pigmentation for a more even skin tone.

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