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The Benefits

  • A Better skin microbiome: Fermented Extracts are true prebiotics and extremely beneficial to your own skin’s microbiome. Because the good bacteria from fermentation essentially holds off the bad bacteria, these extracts have a positive balancing effect to skin bacteria overall. A stronger microbiome will help to preserve your skin’s own immune system.

  • Beneficial skin by-products: Hundreds of biologically active substances are released or produced during our long fermentation process, all of which play essential roles in the skin. Fermentation actually produces excellent by-products, such as additional proteins, amino-acids, fruit acids, vitamins and polysaccharides, which are remarkable exfoliators, hydrators and collagen preservers essential to skin’s metabolic processes.

  • Higher potency of actives: The power fruits that we use have been proven in numerous scientific studies to be extremely rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actives. Fermentation increases the nutrient density of the active ingredients in our fruits. The process breaks down the molecular structure of actives – while preserving them to avoid their oxidation – thus improving their concentration and activity in the skin.

  • Higher bio-availability with the skin: Fermented ingredients become smaller and possess a lower molecular weight, which leads to better skin penetration (bio-available). They become more easily absorbed and more symbiotic with the skin, causing less irritation (bio-identical). These extracts mimic the skin’s cell functions and support the skin without disrupting its natural process, so they are more in balance with the skin and their actions are more efficient (bio-active).

  • Stronger and more natural Preservation of Ingredients: Fermented ingredients are preserved through the fermentation process, thus requiring less chemical preservatives, heat or harsh distillations methods to maintain their benefits. Fermentation also helps to eliminate any anti-nutrients in an extract (such as free radicals).

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