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The Fruits

The tropical fruits that we have chosen are well known in traditional Eastern pharmacology for the treatment of skin issues or wound healing, and have demonstrated numerous health benefits over thousands of years. They are cultivated from wild Phillipino crops, untouched by modern chemicals or hybrid seeding, and have been cross propagated from migrant birds bringing seeds and fertilizer to the area from all over the world. All exotic fruits used in Elixseri serums are grown in traditional, non-intensive, non-GMO cultivations, in industrially uncontaminated mountain areas or wild cultivars of the Philippines islands.

FERMENTED PAPAYA is well-known in the pharmacology of South-East Asia. Under innovative biotechnological processes, the mixture of young green papaya fruits, seeds, skin and flowers, mixed with non-ripe pineapple, mango, and coconut milk, undergoes a natural and long-lasting fermentation.

FERMENTED NONI is produced through the carefully controlled fermentation of the ripe noni fruit. Noni is a bush belonging to Rubiaceae family and is grown in traditional, non-intensive cultivations of wild local cultivars on Philippino hills.

FERMENTED MANGOSTEEN is produced by fermenting the whole fruit, including the non-edible pod (pericarp or rinds) and seeds. Although pods and seeds are often thrown away after consuming the edible part of mangosteen fruits, they contain a wealth of health promoting compounds that can be used as a source of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

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