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The Technology

A Traditional Fermentation Process.

Our enzymatic fermentation is performed using a patented line of yeasts (traditionally used in Japanese production of soy sauce and sake) and Lactobacillus (used to improve milk product digestion), which possess remarkable health properties and are routinely used in both Asian and Western medicines.

The process of fermentation is performed under strict temperature control and oxygen supply, and yields a highly standardised final product with proven properties. The natural fermentation process guarantees the microbiological safety and the thorough preservation of active ingredients without any potentially toxic physical or chemical preservatives.

The fermentation technology frees - by means of both microbe and fruit hydrolytic enzymatic action - countless active principles contained in the pulp and the juice of the fruit, into a concentrated pool of bio-active molecules. During fermentation, high molecular weight molecules are digested or transformed into low molecular weight units (molecular moieties) just as it occurs in the human gut. These small molecules are readily absorbed by the skin and able to instantly boost the metabolic processes that are essential to maintain the skin’s anti-ageing and preserving functions.

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