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Is your skin going through a rough patch, so to speak? Maybe due to stress, fatigue or overwork. Perhaps you’ve been trying too many different products and your skin is confused. Or maybe you have overindulged on alcohol and sugary treats and your skin is showing the signs. Don’t worry, we can help. The below table offers examples of multiple skin needs and concerns happening at the same time. Locate the skin concerns that best match your current situation and consult the link for our specially designed treatment system.

Elixseri’s Serum Systems are designed to improve the condition of your skin and beautify your life.

  • Your Concerns: Grey skin tone with tightness and no glow

    System 1
  • Your Concerns: Lack of comfort with slight redness & itchiness

    System 2
  • Your Concerns: Products don't work well and skin appears uneven & thick

    System 3
  • Your Concerns: Fine lines or surface wrinkles and/or flaky skin

    System 4
  • Your Concerns: Deep lines and wrinkles and large or visible pores

    System 5
  • Your Concerns: Skin reacts to everything

    System 6
  • Your Concerns: Wrinkles, tightness, dull skin tone and loss of elasticity

    System 7
  • Your Concerns: Tight skin and lack of comfort, no glow, skin reactions

    System 8
  • Your Concerns: Loss of elasticity with grey tone, shine & enlarged pores

    System 9
  • Your Concerns: Uneven complexion with red patches and flaking

    System 10
  • Your Concerns: Dry skin, loss of elasticity and uneven complexion

    System 11
  • Your Concerns: Combination skin, loss of elasticity and uneven tone

    System 12