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The Technology

Thanks to our enviable location, Glacier water is literally just around the corner from our lab. Our proprietary water begins its journey in the Glaciers of the Swiss Alps. Advocates proclaim that glacier water maintains a purity and energy that most water does not contain. As a Swiss brand, we have the utmost respect for glaciers and only use what is naturally released into nearby lakes and streams and preserved as a source for local drinking water.

Our Swiss Alpine water is then distilled through a 6-meter steam column that lightens the water molecules, rendering the water more fluid. This breakthrough is the brain child of some serious water scientists from the East, who have patented this distillation process. This will remove heavy isotopes from water, making it more soluble – perfect for skin care. For the physicists out there, the water that we use has a D/H content of 50ppm, compared to usual distilled water at 150ppm. The Light Water created in our lab is currently patent pending for use in cosmetics.

As a last step, our Light Water then flows through a Swiss engineered filtration system called FILOPUR. The Filopur filter uses a crystal core to provide an additional “charge” to the water. Crystals, long used in traditional healing and ancient therapies, are known to exert a meta-physical effect on the body. Our crystals have been selected by a crystal expert to play a subtle therapeutic role in the skin.

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