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What is Light Water

We all know that water is an essential requirement for life. It is the largest constituent of all living organisms. The human body contains 60-70% water and intra and extracellular water plays essential roles in the skin’s bio regenerative processes.

But did you know that water is slightly different across the planet, existing in varying degrees of mineralisation, purity and density? And that the water on our planet today is quite different from that of 20,000 years ago?

In fact, the water on earth during the Palaeolithic era, 2.6 million years ago when life first began to form, was actually “lighter” than it is today. Light Water is water that is chemically more fluid and less dense. The water molecules in Light Water are free of additional heavy neutrons attached to the hydrogen atoms. This means that the light water molecules are better absorbed by the skin and by the cells. Thanks to the purity of their molecular structure, they are also better able to latch onto – or bind to - other molecules, and carry them directly to cells, making light water a perfect transporter of our micro-biotic ingredients.

Light Water has been clinically proven to remarkably diminish inflammation and to help rebalance the skin's microbiome by favouring the production of good bacteria.

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