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Capsicum Meristem Concentrate

capsicum meristem concentrate

Origin: Plant and Biotech

INCI: Capsicum Annuum Fruit Meristem Cell Culture

Also known as Chilli Pepper, this spicy plant has been cultivated by South Americans for over 7000 years. Christopher Columbus introduced it to the Europeans, where it was used as an ornamental plant. It was only when the chili pepper made its way to Africa and Asia that it became a culinary hit. Traditionally chilis were used to counter black magic and to protect from evil, while also being used as an aphrodisiac. Shamans in the Amazon have been known to mix it with other hallucinogenic plants in their healing rituals.

This hot and exotic fruit is brimming with skin benefiting minerals and nutrients such as capsaicinoids carotenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids as well as vitamins C, B and A. All of which are essential to give the cells the energy that they need to perform their protecting, repairing and regenerating functions.  A potent anti-oxidant, Capsicum Meristem Concentrate energises the skin and stimulates cell metabolism and new cell regeneration, improving skin elasticity by 20% within 20 days to give your skin added tone and firmness. Furthermore, the astringent properties of the Capsicum Mersitem Concentrate tightens the pores and leaves skin feeling tightened and contoured.

Why It's Pure

Seeds from three selected species of red pepper are used to germinate the most powerful shoots, from which the richest polyphenols and vitamins can grow.

Why It's Tech

The shoots are fermented naturally in laboratory settings to overproduce the most potent molecules, those richest in polyphenols and vitamins.

Why It's Beauty

Capsicum Meristem Concentrate exhibits extraordinary anti-oxidant capacity that helps to prevent skin aging, and will have a significant effect on improving skin elasticity, for a smoother, younger looking skin.

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