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Cone Snail Peptide / XEP™- 018 

cone snail

Origin: Biotech

INCI: Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC

An instant line smoothing peptide which mimics the muscle-relaxing venom of the Marine Cone Snail. To attack and defend itself in its natural habitat, the cone snail (Conus) produces conotoxin, powerful venom in the form of peptides that targets the neuromuscular system of its prey, creating paralysis. These extremely powerful muscle-relaxing properties, along with conotoxin’s ability to block the nerve signals that transmit pain, make the venom the subject of FDA approval and multiple clinical trials for medicinal use.

At Elixseri, our snail conotoxin is bio-engineered in a Swiss lab using magnetic resonance technology to reconstruct the properties of the peptides in 3D. The biotech origin of this ingredient allows scientists to recreate the identical properties of the cone snail toxin, without risking harm to the cone snail or its environment (endangered mangroves and coral reefs).   For even more effectiveness, the bio-mimetic peptide is engineered at an extremely low molecular weight, allowing it to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis.  When applied to the skin, XEP™-018 has an instant line smoothing and wrinkle relaxing effect that also continues to work over time to alleviate deeper wrinkles.  Clinical tests have demonstrated s 10% reduction in deep wrinkle depth in the first two hours.  And 93% of those tested indicated that their skin was softer and lifted while 79% confirmed that their crow’s feet wrinkles were less visible.

Why It's Pure

The bio-mimetic reproduction of conotoxin peptides recreates the most potent and concentrated levels of the toxin with no harm to the animals themselves or their marine environment.

Why It's Tech

The peptides in XEP 018 are created through MRI technology in which the chains of amino acids are photographed thousands of times and then recreated in 3D.

Why It's Beauty

Within two hours and lasting longer than 8 hours, the ingredient contributes to a remarkable reduction in wrinkle depth, and visible smoothing of expression lines.

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