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Origin: Plant and Biotech

INCI: Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract & Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract

A patented biopolymer based on innovative green technology, Filmexel® is a film-like ingredient that is created by combining oligosaccharides from the Kappaphycus alvarezii – a species of Carrageenan red algae from the warm waters of the Philippines – and Caesalpinia Spinosa – a thorny shrub native to Peru, known as the “green gold of the Incas”.  The ground-breaking mixture of these two extracts is obtained via a patented process without the use of any chemicals. Filmexel® creates a mesh or film that acts as a “second skin” by forming a non-occlusive barrier effect against pollutants, irritants and allergens and preserving the natural barrier function of the skin.

Primarily used as a cosmetic ingredient, Filmexel® immediately creates a lifting, firming and contouring effect, smoothing the skin’s surface and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It will noticeably reduce pore size, visibly smooth away lines and wrinkles and create a superior base for makeup application that helps foundation to last longer on the skin.  Superior to silicones in its protective and smoothing properties, Filmexel® has the added benefit of being all natural.

Why It's Pure

Natural sugar micro-molecules are obtained from two forms of plants in a patented and green blending process that is free of any chemicals.

Why It's Tech

The complex process of linking natural oligosaccharides (from the Algae) and bonding galactans (from the Spinosa) is used the first time in bio-technology for this innovative natural ingredient.

Why It's Beauty

Incredible skin firming, lifting and line smoothing actions have been demonstrated in 60-98% of all test subjects in 7 separate clinical studies.  These effects and have been shown to improve over time.

Filmexel® is found in…