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Gardenia Meristem Concentrate

arabian cotton

Origin: Plant and Biotech

INCI: Gardenia Jasminoides Meristem Cell Culture

Gardenia Jasminoides, also simply known as Gardenia or Cape-Jasmine, is a shrub of the Rubiaceae family and is native to Asia.  It has been cultivated in China for at least a thousand years, and was introduced to English gardens in the mid-18th century. Chinese herbal medicine extensively uses Gardenia, called Zhi Zi, to reduce swelling and bleeding following trauma and to treat injuries to the muscles, joints and tendons.

Rich in anti-oxidants and highly defensive polyphenols, Gardenia Meristem Concentrate’s anti-oxidant capacity is comparable to that of Vitamin C.  Its high polysaccharide content reinforces the skin’s extra cellular matrix while the high concentrations of fatty acids exert an anti-inflammation action.  Most impressive in Gardenia Meristem Concentrate is its unrivalled action in preserving the skin’s collagen system. It has been proven to boost collagen production, and performs a double action in reducing collagen degradation, resulting in a slow-down of firmness loss and preserving skin’s youthful elasticity.

Why It's Pure

Pure Gardenia Stem Cell Culture is sustainably preserved in plant-based glycerine, without any preservatives or chemical additives.

Why It's Tech

Advanced HTN™ technology is used to identify and isolate the specific substances that are most potent (feruloyl-6-glucoside, phytosterols, amino acids, polysaccharides) and will thus have the most pronounced action in the skin.

Why It's Beauty

In vivo studies have shown that the rich content of amino acids and polysaccharides in Gardenia Meristem will help the skin to fight redness and to preserve a smooth tone and even complexion.

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