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Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen

Origin: Marine

INCI: Soluble Collagen

Obtained from the sustainable aquaculture of Jellyfish, Marine Collagen is the most bio-identical collagen ingredient available and is 99% homogenous to our own collagen. Jellyfish are alive with seawater, consisting of 98% water.  Binding this high water content and giving the jellyfish its structure are collagen fibers. Elixseri’s Marine Collagen originates from Jellyfish collected under controlled conditions where they occur en masse, originally fished and processed for Asian cuisine use and thus subject to strict quality control for food.

Marine Collagen is extracted from the voluminous "umbrella" (mesogloea) of the jellyfish and can hold up to 200% more water than traditional collagen. It forms a perfect shield of moisture in the skin to reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and improve elasticity. Not only is Marine collagen 3.5 times more hydrating than traditional collagen but it also harnesses the natural sunscreen from Jellyfish to offer a natural protection from the sun’s harmful and ageing rays. The remarkable protective, hydrating and regenerative benefits of Marine Collagen are complemented by line smoothing and pore closing actions that give skin a soft and supple appearance.

Why It's Pure

Because it originates from such primitive sea creatures, Marine Collagen originating from jellyfish is more bio-similar to our own collagen compared to collagen from fish, cattle or pigs.

Why It's Tech

Thanks to the high content of sea minerals in Marine Collagen, the extract will also help to re-mineralise leached and stressed skin.

Why It's Beauty

Marine Collagen provides a film of moisture to the top layers of the skin, reducing trans-epidermal water loss, helping to smooth away fine lines and reduce pore size, creating a skin that looks taut and firm.

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