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Prebiotic Tropical Noni Ferment


Origin: Plant and Lactobacillus

INCI: Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract

Noni, also known as Indian Mulberry, is a bush belonging to the Rubiaceae (coffee) family. The Morinda citrifolia is a small tree which grows up to ten metres in height, and flowers several times annually, producing clusters of small, five-petaled blossoms with a sweet fragrance. It is indigenous to the southern hemisphere and for over 2000 years has been used by Ayuervedic, Chinese and Polynesian healers as the primary ingredient in their medicinal potions. In the noni fruit, around 200 bioactive compounds have been scientifically identified.  These actives –potent phyto-chemicals and anti-oxidants, including anthraquinones, glycosides, lignans and polysaccharides - bestow on the Noni Fruit considerable analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Noni also exhibits visible firming and anti-wrinkle actions in skin thanks to its powerful action on skin’s collagen content.

Noni has fantastic skin healing and anti-aging benefits. Clinical trials using Noni in cosmeceuticals have revealed that Noni:

  • Prepares the skin to better receive and benefit from other active ingredients
  • Decongests the skin for a noticeable anti-inflammatory action
  • Helps to normalise skin sebum production and rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier
  • Energises and revitalises the skin and helps to rebuild the skin’s immune system
  • Visibly reduces skin redness
  • Reduces pigmentation and clarifies skin, unifying skin tone and complexion
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity and evens the skin’s surface
  • Promotes less shine and improved luminosity
Why It's Pure

The natural fermentation process used for Noni guarantees the preservation of active ingredients without any potentially toxic physical or chemical preservatives.

Why It's Tech

Elixeri’s exclusive Prebiotic Noni Ferment undergoes a unique process of fermentation, performed under strict temperature control and oxygen supply, to yield a highly standardised final extract with the proven active properties.

Why It's Beauty

Recent clinical studies have concluded that anthraquinone derived from noni extract is an excellent skin firmer due to its strong promotion of collagen and extracellular matrix components.

Prebiotic Tropical Noni Fermentis found in…