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Soy Meristem Concentrate


Origin: Plant & Biotech

INCI: Glycine Max Callus Culture Extract

Soybeans were a crucial crop in East Asia long before written records began. There is evidence for soybean domestication as far back as 7000 BC in China and then later in Japan and Korea. Soybean (Glycine max) is a leguminous plant related to clover, peas, and alfalfa. Worldwide, 155 million metric tons of soybeans are presently grown and it has become one of the most important crops in the western world.

Soy is naturally rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and lecithin, which benefit the skin when applied topically thanks to their high anti-oxidant activity. However the most renowned phytonutrients found in soy are isoflavones. Isoflavones are considered to act as phytoestrogens (similar in structure to oestrogen) and while there has been concern that some oestrogen “mimickers” (xenoestrogens) can disrupt the endocrine system these soy isoflavones cannot penetrate into the blood stream to do this. Our Soy Meristem Concentrate is completley safe and is key element in our Bio Regenerative Technology thanks to its proven ability to aid cell rejuvenation and improving collagen content. In vivo tests of Soy Meristem reveal a signficiant increase skin firmness and an even better decrease in wrinkle depth.

Why It's Pure

Elixseri’s Soy Meristem is harvested sustainably in Europe from non-GMO crops. The plants are picked “on demand” for guaranteed freshness and no waste.

Why It's Tech

An exclusive method of bioliquifecation is performed on the soy phytocomplex. This bioliquifecation frees up more isoflavones and increases the bioavailability of the molecules by 58%, which will in turn enhance all skin benefits.

Why It's Beauty

Soy is proven to have an incredible effect on the skin’s level of firmness and youthful appearance. Elixseri’s Soy Meristem was tested in vivo and shown to clinically increase skin firmness by 18% after only 7 days, and decrease wrinkle depth by 27% after 21 days.

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